Martin Lionel, usually referred to as Martin is the best friend of Marcus. Martin's first appearance was a small role/cameo in 5 Things I Love About The Beach. After that he continued to make minor roles in videos like Marcus's New Years Eve 2016 Party. After all these small roles Martin got his first major role in Some Creative Ways You Can Destory Your Fake LPS! (With Martin). Now after this role Martin became a fan favorite and has made many more major appearances in all of Marcus's recent videos. Marcus has also hinted it won't be just him reacting to the LPSTube Day Awards and that there may be some cameos by Martin and oher characters. Martin is British and was most likely born in the United Kingdom although it is never stated exactly where he was born. Martin is currently 15 one year older than Marcus.

Personal Life Edit

Martin is a student like Marcus but Martin is also a DJ which was revealed in Marcus's New Years Eve 2017 Party. Martin has not actually made another appearance as a DJ since the 2017 New Years Video but will likely DJ in the upcoming 2018 New Years Eve Party video. It is unknown when Martin and Marcus met but they have been friends for a long time.