Marcus is the protagonist and main character in every LPSMarcus video, to date he has only not been in one video on the channel. Excluding the vlogs he was not in he only did not make an appearance in the Some Creative Ways You Can Destory Your Fake LPS! (With Martin) . He is based off the owner of the channel who shares the same name with him.

Marcus resides in the LPSMarcus Home with Martin and his "Squad". Marcus usually does shenanigans with his friends and squad and is also banned from Wendy's due to their shenanigans. Marcus currently runs the channel but Martin and his friends have access to it aswell because if Marcus is sick they will take over and make a video for the channel.

Personal Life Edit

Marcus' mother is unknown, only his father has appeared in videos and it is unknown why she has not made any appearances. Marcus never mentions why so it is unknown if his mother is still alive or any details like that. Marcus is best friends with Martin Lionel who has made lots of appearances in his videos as of late.